Solar PV

Now Get Complete Energy Independence & Peace of Mind

Solar PV is a short term for “solar photovoltaic” energy. A solar PV panel generates electricity by harnessing the natural light of the sun. This technology is one of the most effective and economical approaches to produce clean and renewable energy. Moreover, South Africa is rich in solar resources. Therefore, Solar PV offers several financial and environmental benefits. We are a premier and superlative company in renewable energy solutions including solar energy. We are highly trusted and reputable renewable energy solutions providers having immense knowledge, expertise and experience in solar solutions and solar technologies. We offer solar solutions to different sectors depending upon their specific requirements. We have worked with several different valued customers in the varied public and commercial sectors, furnishing them with reliable, sustainable, and energy-efficient solar solutions.
Through our immense knowledge and extensive experience in the field, we provide a complete range of services from planning to installation of photovoltaic systems. We want our customers to be satisfied and knowledgeable. That is why we provide our clients with all the information about system operation, management, and implementation. Our technical staff will visit your property to collect all the necessary information required to plan the most flexible solution that will fulfill your needs. After completing the preliminary design, our team of engineers will provide a detailed study of estimated energy productions and future savings. Finally, our specialized workers will install your system under the supervision of our engineers to ensure maximum efficiency. Our work quality will guarantee system durability through precise system design, careful selection of technology and wonderful implementation of services.

Energy Efficiency Solution

Exceptional and Durable Solutions Customized to Your Needs

We proudly offer energy-efficient, reliable and standard power system solutions for home electronic appliances and robust industrial applications, for example, transportation, power generation, power distribution, power transmission, process manufacturing, and financial organizations. We provide smart energy solutions to our clients, enhancing energy efficiency and with a basis of reduced costs and constant power. Our products are certified to save energy without risking the functionality and features. Our energy-efficient products deliver outstanding features while using less energy. Our services and products will help you save your hard-earned money and build a better environment.


Our main objective is to maintain our place as South Africa’s premier energy-efficient power solutions company. We highly value your satisfaction and happiness. That is why we strive hard to deliver exceptional service, novel products, and durable, strong and customizable solutions to meet today’s energy needs and to prepare for future confronts. We provide our customers a complete one window solution for all their needs. We have worked with a lot of different public, commercial, industrial, and non-profit organizations to provide durable and effective energy conservation services.  Our team of educated and experienced professionals will identify and analyze electrical energy efficiency measures to ensure efficient energy use and cost reduction.

Energy Storage

Maintain Constant Access to Power 24/7

Presently, more and more people are moving towards renewable energy sources like the sun and wind. Most of the people are generating electricity by installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) on the rooftop. However, what happens if you are not able to use the energy your solar panels have generated? You are not going to turn on all the lights and heating system while the sun is at its peak. An electric storage system enables you to store and use your solar energy efficiently whenever you need it. Moreover, it will make you energy independent by diminishing your reliance on the grid to provide power to your home at night or in disastrous weather conditions.

Get Sustainable Future by Cutting Your Energy Bills

Whether you plan to install a new solar panel or already have one, our high-quality energy storage products will unlock numerous benefits. Increased energy security, enhanced grid independence, decreased carbon footprint and a major reduction in utility bills are a few of these benefits. From batteries, inverter, diverters to monitoring system we provide the best energy storage products for homes and commercial properties. These products will monitor your system to ensure maximum performance. With our effective energy storage products, you will gain access to durable, secure and proficient power management. Work with us to cut your energy bills, control your power supply and secure a sustainable future.

Power Quality Improvement

Save Your Money & Time with Better Power Quality

Power quality is very crucial when it comes to the normal and proper functioning of electric appliances. The impact of poor power quality can be huge. The smallest variations can cause serious issues like flickering lights, equipment breakdown, and even complete power shutdown. These issues can cause loss of your time, money and productivity. We are well aware that present technology causes strain and not handled well by traditional power systems. Power systems in schools, production plants, and commercial properties are more vulnerable to the damage caused by poor power quality. Different power quality issues can arise including power sag, power surge, power failure, electric line noise, switching transit, under-voltage, over-voltage, etc. Few of these problems occur rarely while others are more frequent. These problems can occur individually but in most cases, it is a combination of issues stated above, that lead to substandard power quality. Some of the most common causes of these problems include harmonics, voltage swells, fast impulses, etc.

Our high-quality energy-efficient products can resolve all power quality issues. Our team of educated and competent experts will review your power system to identify the problems. Moreover, they will design a new and more energy proficient power system to ensure standard power quality. We only offer products that eliminate power failures and irritant trips that will transform your whole electric infrastructure to be more durable, effective and proficient. We are specialists in making your power efficiencies secure, easy and inexpensive.

Industry 4.0

Digitize Your Business with 4th Industrial Revolution

Greater Operational Efficiency with Predictive Maintenance

Energy Doctors contributes to design and develop a process that will resolve the precautionary maintenance related problems, sensors such as Airflow, Vibrational, etc. should be integrated into important machines like large compressors and heavy blowers. This prognostic approach will help to maintain these types of equipment by ensuring optimal operational efficiency and decreased motor failure rate.

Smart Factory Performance – Better Productivity

This procedure consists of capturing the parts manufactured at different and separate zonal levels so that different factors such as history comparison, emergency stop frequency, downtime and schedule vs. produced analysis can be identified. This successful identification and examination will result in proficient future production planning and plant efficiency. 

The interventions mentioned above are also fully competent to capture

Starting Torque

Motor Harmonics

RPM (load/ No Load)

Speed VS Torque

Normalized output - Kwh / item, Kwh / Sq-ft.

Machine down Time

Accurate failure prediction